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Tooth Jewelry Now Done In Sacramento


We are proud to announce that Stylz Tattoos & Piercings is now offering Tooth Jewelry in our Sacramento location. These are Rhinestones that come in a variety of different sizes and colors and are applied to the teeth using a special technique of bonding and curing. We are breaking new ground and the only shop in Sacramento offering this tooth jewelry service. Come to the shop that is always bringing you cutting edge technology with the Best Prices in Sacramento for Tattoos - Piercings - Dermals - Body Jewelry - Tooth Jewelry. Stylz 2228 J Street Sacramento, CA 95816

Visit our affiliate site for all your Tattoo needs at www.SacramentoTattooShops.com

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Are Piercing Guns Safe For Body Piercings?

What Are Piercing Guns?If you've walked through a mall, you've seen the signs: free ear piercing with the purchase of earrings. Retail locations offering that incentive use piercing guns to get the job done, and although the guns have been around for a very long time, there are good reasons to avoid them.A piercing gun [...]

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New Website is Here

Welcome to the new and improved www.STYLZ.Com!  We are excited to present our new Web Site.  Rebuilt on a new platform, new features make it even more user friendly.  Take a look at our starting selection and know that we are adding new Jewelry all the time. With such a huge assortment in our stores [...]

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What Makes Navel Rings The Most Popular Piercings

Why are belly rings the most popular body jewelry? One word can answer that question: sexy. This type of pierce is most certainly the sexiest type of piercing that a female can have. While some facial piercing can be seen as perhaps a bit extreme and other types of piercings might not show when one [...]

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Quick Take: Getting the Right Replacement Ball

So the worst has happened. You were cleaning your piercings, and the ball to your favorite piece of body jewelry was just loose enough that it accidentally came off. Under the refrigerator, down the drain; it doesn’t matter where it went, because it’s gone. After changing out for one of your back-up [...]

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